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Bold And Exclusive: Sony’s Special Ferrari-Red Edition

Bold And Exclusive: Sony’s Special Ferrari-Red Edition

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Red is the colour of passion, of strength and speed. If this is the colour that suits you best, you may want to know that the Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation, Sony, has just released a new Ferrari-red line of laptops. Inspired by the passion for perfection, the new collection is the ultimate expression of sophistication. Yes, the colour is a little bit daring, but hey, this is definitely one of the details that will make you stand out from the crowd during a business meeting. “Multiple paint layers are individually applied and hand-polished, building layer upon layer of rich, lustrous colour. Finally, the durable UV coating protects VAIO® | red edition with a vibrant sheen of exquisite depth and richness.”

The special edition boasts five different models of laptops:  Vaio Duo 13, Vaio Pro 11, Pro 13, Vaio Fit 14 and 15. When it comes to the specs, here’s what you need to know: all of these models come equipped with Core i7 processors and 1080p touchscreens. The  Vaio Fit 15 model has 12 GB of RAM, whereas Pro, Duo and Fit 13, model come with “only” 8 GB. We’re almost sure that the laptop’s colour can’t boost your work performance or lead you, by chance, on the road to success, but if you decide to purchase one of these fire-like jewels  “just for the colour”, do expect to pay a fortune on it . The “cheapest” of them all, the red Fit 15 costs $2000 while the most expensive, the Duo 13 reaches $3000.

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