Our Daily Dream Homes bring luxurious urban details and inspire you through architect’s creativity and owner’s wishes put into play. But sometimes, we all think about spending more time in the country-side, in an elegant little country house. Today we show you extraordinary uplifting effect of living in a modern country house and we take as example a sophisticated aluminum-cladded building in Millerton, New York. Currently used as a weekend retreat for a family of city dwellers, the Dutchess House No.1 by Grzywinski + Pons was intended to become a permanent residence later on.

Composed of two buildings – a larger two-story one and a smaller single story guest house – this magnificent residential construction sets the tone for bold cladding interrupted by colorful details, like the yellow-painted doors. Ipe wood screens hide glass doors and windows and line the overhangs and entrance, softening the overall appearance. With the first floor containing living spaces, the second floor was reserved for the master bedroom, opening to a large balcony and gathering views of the surrounding woodland. The main structure will eventually become the family’s permanent home, while the smaller one will be a guest house for visiting elder parents. Until then, the owners can rent the smaller house on a nightly basis, helping them in reducing the costs.