Boca do Lobo fascinates again with its new Diamond Sideboard – a piece of luxurious furniture so beautiful, that it just had to be part of the company’s limited edition collection named Large Emotion. The faceted sideboard is reminiscent of a cut diamond, adorning a modern or eclectic home as if its inspiration was more than that. The stylish furniture item is also in trend with 2013’s hot color palette and displays a dynamic structure resting on a mahogany base lined with bronze mirror, instead of the four lion heads in the previous version.

Like the amethyst Diamond, the new sideboard also features three highly sculptured doors leading to a gold leaf interior with shelving and two drawers. The exterior of this fanciful piece is now presented in silver leaf finished with a luxurious shade of translucent green emerald with high gloss varnish.”

Boca do Lobo’s furniture jewelry is highly rising, giving designers the opportunity to create stunning luxury furniture pieces for high-end customers – which version of the Diamond Sideboard do you like best?


diamond sideboard boca do lobo (1)

diamond sideboard boca do lobo (2)

diamond sideboard boca do lobo (3)