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In 2008, when the BMW GINA Light Visionary-a unique concept car-was launched, petrolheads across the globe were amazed. And today it is serving as an inspiration to a stunning footwear range designed by BMW, Designworks and Puma.

The GINA Light had a flexible, fabric outer shell that stretched over the structure and moved as per the car. Along with Puma and Designworks, BMW presents the X-CAT DISC shoes that are flexible, ergonomic and lightweight.

BMW & PUMA's X-CAT DISC Sneaker 2

The footwear works on an innovative technology by Puma, DISC, which does not use laces. Instead, this system works with a rotating disc that pulls internal wires to close and open the shoe. With strong and comfortable thin layer of stretchable and super-light GINA material, the shoe wraps around the foot snugly. Its seamless look and dynamic movement offers a chic look, while making it more breathable.

The light sheen and elegant style ensure complete perfection while moving and adequate ventilation.

The brand-new and technologically advanced-BMW X-CAT DISC will be available in selected Puma stores across the world from July 1st, 2016.