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BMW opens its latest Aerodynamic Test Center

BMW opens its latest Aerodynamic Test Center

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This is why I love BMW (and am an owner) — this constant goal to innovate:

The German carmaker BMW is opening its latest Aerodynamic Test Center (ATC) as the main element in its commemoration of its Technology Day today. The center will be utilized for making more efficient and more sporting cars of the future. The external profile of the facility reflects the high-tech activities going on inside. The facility is basically a wind tunnel that can spew air up to 186mph (300km/h), but it’s really more than that and BMW aims at using its special features to produce better vehicles. The ATC is capable of testing aerodynamics in different kinds of real-world driving situations without the need of building a complete road-worthy test vehicle. The result is faster development time, lowered costs and aids engineers get a closer look before doing anything actually. – from 4Wheels