In 1938 the original BMW 328 captured a class victory in its debut appearance the Mille Miglia. The world’s premier open road endurance race from 1927 through 1957, the Mille Miglia attracted entrants from all the most prestigious automakers across the continent. While relatively underpowered, the 328 was an extremely lightweight and reliable sports car, which allowed it to succeed against its higher powered competitors.

Now a vintage four-day road rally, the Mille Miglia continues to attract some of the most significant cars made before 1957 to the roads of Northern Italy, including the 1938 BMW 328 that put the car company on the map as a performance car manufacturer. This year over 400 cars have entered the event providing spectacular viewing for millions of race fans.

This years route ran from Brescia along the Adriatic coast to Rome and then back up the Western coast through Siena, Pisa and Parma before returning to Brescia, with several events and time trials along the way.