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BMW and K2 unveil limited-edition luxury skis

BMW and K2 unveil limited-edition luxury skis

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BMW has just released a fresh crop of limited-edition luxury skis, designed in collaboration with K2 Corporation. But money won’t buy these bad boys. You’ll have to win them by flaunting your skills in BMW’s snowsports competition this season.

Among the series of new skis is the new M edition, inspired by the brand’s M line, which means they’re optimized for world-class skiers who traverse double-diamonds, not bunny slopes. They are a hybrid of camber and rocker, to boost turnability and versatility, and based on K2’s Baseline ski, offering an edge grip that promises to be second to none.

The limited-edition blades aren’t available for purchase, but will be one of the prizes in this year’s BMW xDrive Cup, an informal winter sports competition held at various resorts around the globe. Skiers and snowboarders can compete against one another on a variety of events and post their own SkiMovies in 10 of the 13 race locations. You can also earn badges in order to be entered into a monthly drawing for a pair of the limited M skis. Learn more here.

BMW also announced its BMW X1 Edition Powder Ride skis designed to match the orange and black color scheme of the brand’s new Concept K2 Powder Ride, an X1 all-wheel-drive “sports activity vehicle” that comes equipped with roof-mounted speakers and a roof rack for skis. The car premiered at the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show.