Memories of ultra-expensive Barbie having an outrageous price tag of 99K were yet to fade, a new creation by Phillipe and David Blond has come into limelight that has taken the toy world by the storm. Named the Blonds Blond Diamond Barbie, the beautiful doll dresses herself in lavish gem-encrusted mini-dress, crystal corsets, chains, and sparkly pumps on her tiny feet to enhance her super-glamorous looks. The collector piece celebrates the glamorous fashions created by the designer duo. Barbie is dressed in a stunning silver mini corset dress studded with countless faux gems and a full length faux fur coat designed by the Blonds and has a classic Barbie face sculpt with impressive makeup layer and silky thick blond hair to give it a lively makeover.

Not only that, the doll also wears sparkling earrings, an elaborate cuff, and a pair of glittery pumps to put all other plastic Barbie dolls to shame. Extended eyelashes and flashy accessories including a crystal cocktail ring further Barbie’s rock n roll glam looks.

Priced at a whopping $125, the Blonds Blond Diamond doll will be available for purchase at Barbiecollector from December onwards.

Via: NYDailyNews