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BillionaireXchange, the world’s first private online auction, sales and trade Web site for high-end luxury assets, today announced it will officially move to referral and invitation-only membership. The Web site provides safe, secure and now exclusive access for affluent users to buy, sell, trade and bid on luxury items directly through

First released to the general public as a beta site earlier this year, BillionaireXchange currently has more than 26,000 multi-millionaires as well as nearly a dozen billionaires as members. BillionaireXchange users are based worldwide and are required to have a verifiable liquid net worth of $2 million to become a member.

Auction and sales listings start at $1,000 and have included items ranging from rare super cars and 12-passenger private jets to an $840 million development site on the Las Vegas strip, a €50 million resort in Puerto Vallarta and a $250,000, 186-carat diamond chess set. Without the threat of fraud or counterfeit merchandise, users can also gain exclusive access to order and personalize luxury goods directly though high-end manufacturers and couture brands.

“Our audience consists of technology-savvy luxury buyers who have been lost between the old auction house model and common online retail and auction sites that can devalue luxury products,” stated Quintin Thompson, co-founder and executive partner of BillionaireXchange. “BillionaireXchange not only helps affluent buyers purchase products, but also provides a resource for people looking to liquidate assets in a private and secure environment.”

All user identities are verified through BillionaireXchange Member Services, which also regulates, appraises and escrows all purchases made through the site. The company never gives out users’ personal contact information, but sellers and bidders utilize usernames to make contact through the BillionaireXchange messaging center.

Current BillionaireXchange members will maintain their accounts and the ability to refer and invite friends, family or business associates to join, provided the individuals meet BillionaireXchange’s qualifications. Those who are not directly invited can still request membership, but will be charged an annual fee once accepted to ensure that membership remains highly exclusive. Businesses can also join as members and list auction items or be showcased in a VIP directory.

About BillionaireXchange

BillionaireXchange was founded in 2009 as the world’s first private online auction and exchange site for high-end luxury items. Members from around the world are able to buy, sell, bid on, auction and/or exchange high-value assets. All members are verified, transactions are escrowed, items are appraised and verified, and transportation scheduled and managed by the BillionaireXchange Member Services department. The site’s auction sections are art and antiques, boats and yachts, businesses for sale, celebrity listings, commercial properties, fine liquors, foreclosed homes, jewelry and watches, luxury handbags, luxury real estate, luxury vehicles, planes and helicopters, luxury travel, luxury events and charity auctions. For more information, visit