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BellaVitano Cheese by Sartori

BellaVitano Cheese by Sartori

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A few years ago Sartori, a Wisconsin cheesemaker, created their line of BellaVitano cheeses. The result is the company’s most popular cheese – and a treat for anyone who loves cheese.

BellaVitano uniquely blends the flavor of cheddar with the crystalline crunch and taste of premium Parmesan. Blending anything can be a challenge, but the folks at Sartori make this into something unique and exceptional.

The texture of BellaVitano is what you would think – somewhat flaky, not exceptionally hard. It’s easily sliced, but is almost crumbly (but not quite). The taste has an excellent sharpness, hinting both at the cheddar and Parmsan flavor.

BellaVitano is a versatile cheese – it will work well in everything from an omelet to mac and cheese. But cooking or baking with it is probably not its strength. Instead we recommend pairing it with traditional meats such as Italian salami, as well as crackers or biscuits. Nuts also pair exceptionally well. For a drink we recommend a good Chardonnay or Pinot Noir. Beer drinkers will appreciate a quality ale with BellaVitano.

Beware, BellaVitano can be addicting! Don’t be surprised if you have one or two guests finding their way back to the cheese tray again and again after they get their first taste.

In addition to the standard BellaVitano, Sartori has a a Black Pepper BellaVitano, a Merlot BellaVitano and a Raspberry BellaVitano. Each brings something unique to the table (so to speak). Each is worth a taste test.

Finding BellaVitano in your area may be difficult, but check good delis and markets are your best chance. Otherwise, you can order it online from Sartori store.