Furniture pieces and lighting systems meet in an interesting collection named the Dami Series. Designer Seung Yong Song imagined a set of items for the home that would encompass design lines borrowed from baskets. Meaning “to put in” in Korean, Dami stands for the creator’s unique perception on each of these pieces. All of them displaying a perforated shell that defines the collection, these simple yet elegant objects can easily be displayed in both modern and traditional homes.

Combining contemporary building techniques like CNC processing and traditional basket lines, the furniture items and lights shaping the Dami Series were inspired by traditional Korean grilles, which anchor the design in the concepts of an interesting culture. Made out of a new and eco-friendly material called Valchromat, each piece has a different shape and usage – it all depends on your imagination. These basket-like pieces are light and durable, making them perfect for unpretentious homes decorated with style.