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Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch

Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch

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Lost in the hubbub of the releases of the Nook Tablet and the Amazon Fire was the software update to the Nook Simple Touch by Barnes & Noble. With the new update, B&N has upgraded the Simple Touch for increased battery life, page turn rate and made the display even more crisp.

And let’s not forget – dropped the price to $99 – without ads.

That hits the sweet spot.

In basic terms, if you want a simple book reader, this is one of the best on the market (along with Amazon’s Kindle).

The Simple Touch offers a zippy touchscreen, a perfect size and weight, great battery life (up to two months) and excellent social networking features. The E-Ink display is fabulous – even the most hardcore book reader won’t be able to complain about reading on this device.

If you’re looking for other features – such as web browsing and movies – move on (we suggest the iPad 2 for that), but the Nook Simple Touch is a can’t miss as an eReader.

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