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Baoase Resort Curacao Reviewed

Baoase Resort Curacao Reviewed

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It is said that to go to Ireland is to experience every shade of green there is. If so, then the Caribbean is the showcase for all things blue. Nestled amid boundless fields of sapphire and cobalt, the island of Curaçao, 171 miles of Old-World-Europe-meets-New-World-palm-trees, is a far-flung fragment of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. And while no insult is intended, if one hankers for a bit of European style in the month of February, Curaçao probably trumps Amsterdam in anybody’s book…

Landing on 2010’s Hot List by Condé Nast Traveler, and Winner of the 2011 TripAdvisor Travelers Choice award for Top 10 hotels for Romance in the Caribbean and Mexico, the Baoase Luxury Resort, ensconced on 300 meters along Curaçao’s starlight-white southern beaches, is a fairyland vantage point for all the blues the Caribbean can conjure. Reflecting the qualities of an elegant island manor house, the villas and suites at Baoase are decorated with refined Asian motifs, providing a relaxing ambiance complete with modern amenities and unrushed tropical serenity.

Washed by lush winds and waves and brimming with luxury and attentive staff, the Baoase isn’t about to give guests an easy excuse to leave—here, it is all about kicking back and letting the world go by on puffs of tropical air. Baoase seduces visitors with luxury without slapping them in the face with it. By paying attention to the little details, such as the water trays located at the guest room entrances to wash the sand from your feet before entering your room, the resort need not rely on pomp and circumstance to get its 5-star message across. Surrounded by billowing trees, meandering streams, gem-like pools, waterfalls, and a symphony of island birdsong, visitors are spoiled from the very minute they set foot on the property (literally—a complimentary welcome drink awaits at check-in).

Now, it is not to say that the resort’s rooms and lofts are by any means lacking, but for the top-shelf experience, only the villas will do. Featuring it’s own Jacuzzi, private infinity pool and a luxury cave including a pool, in- and outside shower, lounge area, bar, and it’s very own baby beach, the aptly named “Mastervilla” is the crown jewel of the property. With its master bedroom offering panoramic views of Bibi Island, the space has a luxury, walk-in closet, flat screen TV, balcony, and a voluminous bathroom stocked by Gilchrist and Soames with a bath and in- and outdoor showers. The villa can also attach to the Baoase’s Banyan Rooms to let up to eight people delight in view of the sea, pool, and garden.

Terra firma is not the only place from which Baoase casts its spell. Curaçao is one of the top shore diving destinations in the whole of the Caribbean, and a vibrant coral reef located just beyond Baoase’s lagoon awaits. After breakfast on the beach, you can, with your own private scuba diver instructor at Baoase (for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced divers) delve into the wonders of the sea. There is even a mini-submarine to explore deeper seas up to 320 meters. Baoase’s aqueous charms are not limited to the undersea realm, however: Jet skiing, sailing, deep sea fishing, surfing or swimming with dolphins at the Dolphin Academy are all at the ready to enchant. After spending the day with Poseidon, Executive Chef René Klop, whose French-Asian fusion cuisine is something of a local legend, ushers in coral-colored sunsets and nights heavy with floral scents.

The Baoase also features in-room “wellbeing service.” In the language of Baoase, wellbeing does not mean a routine spa; rather, it attempts more by providing a comprehensive range of spa services (Couple Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Hot Stone Massage…) directly on the private room terraces or on the beach to the eternal rhythm of aquamarine waves.

For a hemisphere still locked in winter’s grip, trading winter blues for tropical ones is music to our ears.

Originally published by Good Life Report. Used with permission.