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Bang & Olufsen’s BeoLab 90 Speakers Will Cost You More Than A Car

Bang & Olufsen’s BeoLab 90 Speakers Will Cost You More Than A Car

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We are surrounded by so much advanced technology that tomorrow even if there is a flying car we will not be surprised. But Bang & Olufsen’s latest tech product is about to change your mind about just how futuristic technology can get- no they haven’t launched a flying car, but the BeoLab 90 Speakers  speakers definitely sound better than one even though it can’t fly. Each unit costs $40,000, and to have you have the most luxurious experience for your ears you will have to buy a pair. And at $80,000 for a pair, it costs more than a BMW 3 Series!


What makes it worth that exorbitant price tag you ask? It is Bang & Olufsen’s most expensive and extraordinary speaker yet and was specially created for the brand’s 90th birthday.The speaker was created over two and a half years to produce the highest quality of sound for every listening environment. The kinds where you close your eyes and if you hear beach waves on this speaker you might even feel the water on your toes!

beolab 90

The BeoLab 90 speaker has an unconventional, almost outlandish geometric design built in a way to conceal the 18 individual driver units each with its own amplifier which gives you a 360 surround sound with a power of ground shaking 8,200 watts. The unusual build with the aluminum casket to hold all that power finished with the wooden accents on the base gives a rich texture that also goes with its rich sound quality.

The speaker stands a little over 4 feet and weighs 300 pounds and is truly a vision of sound as described on the official website. It is designed with “Adaptive Room Compensation” which is a combination of built-in amplification and digital sound processing which enables the speaker to calculate the environment of the room in terms of positioning and acoustics and then alter its output accordingly which is perfectly balanced.

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These brute yet beautiful structures can shoot audio in any direction, or even in all directions using the “Beam Width Controller” feature that customizes the 360 surround sound to your liking and ambiance. Users can control and adjust the sound profiles as well as the balance of the multiple drivers according to their mood, so you can enjoy a solo movie marathon or fire up the speakers for a DJ night!