Harrods offers the most luxurious baby coach yet exclusively in-store. Balmoral Bespoke, the newest pram from Silver Cross, is a top-end, fully customizable carriage for kids born with a silver spoon. Silver_Cross_Balmoral_Bespoke_Harrods_mainSet to be produced in a limited-edition run of only 50, each pram is handmade in England with a stunning, polished chrome body and sumptuously soft leather hood and apron in a choice of finest English leather and a range of colors. The magnificent C-Spring chassis has a metallic paintwork finish and provides the incredible bouncing glide for which Silver Cross is famous.

Silver_Cross_Balmoral_Bespoke_Harrods_5Rolling out a truly luxurious experience, it features hand-stitching and  solid wood handle, available in a white or walnut finish. The opulent baby coach sports the wow-factor as each piece is personalized with two individually engraved plaques , one featuring the child’s name and the second showing the pram’s limited edition number.

Purveyors of the finest prams since 1877, Balmoral is the original coach-built baby carriage and William Wilson’s design has been favored by royalty from the United Kingdom to Monaco.

The Silver Cross Balmoral Bespoke is available exclusively in Harrods starting from $7,800.

Silver Cross Via Harrods