Use this in case you ever need to rescue Clara from falling off a train.  Wait! — Those were instructions for Marty McFly.  You can float around wherever you fancy when you get yours.

Hendo Hover, a group out of Silicon Valley, is now taking Kickstarter pre-orders on their latest invention… a hoverboard.  That’s right, the hoverboard is finally happening.

Now in order to actually channel Back to the Future, you’ll have to wait until 2015, but once these skateboard-like devices are out of production, you’ll be poised for all of your flying pursuits (provided they take place about an inch off the ground).

Four “engines” create a magnetic field that gives the board an inch of lift while the board stays over a metal surface.  Steer with your natural movements and see where your levitating will lead!

Want one?  $10,000 is the rumored price to get your suspension started.