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Award Winning Jeweler Anthony Camargo Returns with an All-New Brand and Collection

Award Winning Jeweler Anthony Camargo Returns with an All-New Brand and Collection

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Sometimes to shine at its most brilliant, a jewel just needs to be reset.  Such may be the case with Anthony Camargo, once a partner in the renowned fine jewelry line Anthony Nak — who won both the FGI Rising Star Award and the CFDA Emerging Talent Award, and adorned such celebrities as Angelina Jolie, Catherine Zeta Jones and Jennifer Lopez.

After leaving Anthony Nak and recharging on a five year stint traveling and creating pieces only for private clientele, Camargo has made his return to the industry this year with the launch of his new line, Anthony by Anthony Camargo, which is now available at select retailers and premiere New York showroom Fragments.

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Comprised of earrings and necklaces produced from sterling silver, 14k, and 18k gold, and dripping with semi-precious stones, each piece is made with his distinctive “pocket” design.

“This collection is about demonstrating my passion for design while making sure every piece hits the three important parts of the body,” shared Camargo in a private Q& A with Pursuitist.  Those three important parts?  “The Head, the Heart, and the Core.”


Pursuitist:  Tell us more about what to expect from your latest line. 

AC: The Anthony by Anthony Camargo collection is a collection that I have spent the past few years connecting to my design philosophy of layering.  [I like] silhouettes that are feminine, yet very strong and sexy; powerful, without being harsh or obtrusive.

P: How have things changed during your five year “break?”

AC:  After a 5 year hiatus on travel and study abroad, my desire to return to the world of fine jewelry was — and is — very strong.  I noticed upon my return stateside that jewelry had evolved into a much larger market, and a much more competitive one.  But I didn’t see any brands that were designing a collection that was based on what I have always done with my design, [which is] creating pieces of jewelry that are not only strong and powerful, but also (and most important to me) sexy and fluid.

P: So, after receiving awards from FGI and CFDA on your previous work, what are your goals with this new collection?

AC: My goal is to position the Anthony by Anthony Camargo brand as a fine jewelry brand.  [I plan] to reintroduce my aesthetic passion of creating jewelry that makes a woman feel beautiful and sexy in materials that are fine, and combining colors in a sophisticated pallet for the woman who desires her jewelry to be a seamless extension of her self expression.

P: OK!  What makes Fragments showroom a good fit to show this off?

AC:  Choosing Fragments… came from my respect of the founder and owner Janet Goldman.  Her position in the industry for the past 30 years is unparalleled; I respect her passion for jewelry and design, and she has always been a champion of my work. When I had my collection… Janet was the first person I called.  Janet is very honest and has her pulse on the market, so I knew… that I would be in good hands for my relaunch.  In addition to having my collection in the Fragments Showroom, [it is also] represented in the Fragments Retail store in SOHO.

P: We’ve mentioned your success in jewelry design, but many might not know that you actually got your start with furniture.  How did your background in furniture design translate to the jewelry industry?

AC: [It] taught me how to work with materials that are hard in nature; Glass, metal, and wood are materials that are traditionally very structural in form, and my goal as a one-of-a-kind furniture designer was to intemperate these into items that not only had functionality, but that were also pleasing to the eye and would become a part of the users daily experience.

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P:  Your designs, at this point, are only for women.  Why?

AC:  As a man, I love to see women pleased and happy — this is why I design for women.  The biggest compliment I can ever receive is watching a woman put on my earrings for the first time and seeing a smile light up her face.  It’s a smile that says: ‘Yes, this is it. This is right.  I feel incredible, and I look stunning, and I know it.’  Without saying a word she just gets it.  She owns it. 

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P:  What part of a woman do you find most beautiful, and how do your pieces accentuate this?

AC: Wow, that’s a great question! My mother taught me that every woman is beautiful in her own way and when she understands this beauty, others can’t help but be in admiration of her sense of self. I find the most beautiful aspect of women to be… their amazing power to be sensual and sexy without diminishing their intellect.

P: Lastly, we want to ask you about your favorite gemstone. What is it?  And what do you think it says about you?

AC:  Another great question! I must say that I love all gemstones for different reasons at different times.  As a designer… I seek out stones that are imperfect, stones that have slight variances in color and contrast, because I love mixing tones and colors.  Overall, I view gemstones the same way I view women: A beautiful [one] is perfect in her imperfection.

Anthony by Anthony Camargo currently ranges in price from $800 to $10,000.  All pieces are handmade in the USA.

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