Aston Martin has unveiled the new concept V12 Zagato supercar ahead of its first showing in Italy. The V12 Zagato is an interpretation of Aston Martin’s V12 Vantage by Italian design house Zagato, the latest in a line of collaborations between the two brands. The first Zagato premiered in 1960 and was based on the DB4 GT, beginning a series of models which included the V8 Zagato, the DB7 Zagato and the Aston Martin DB AR1.

The latest model, which will be on show at the Villa D’Este Concours from May 21 “to gauge customer interest,” takes cues from previous models and applies them to the newest and most powerful model in the Vantage range.

Described as an “elegant yet brutal design,” the V12 Zagato features a handcrafted aluminium body with a “double bubble” roof formed of five separate pieces.
It holds a 6.0-liter V12 engine producing 380 kW (510bhp), set to be tested at Germany’s famous Nurburgring circuit this month, with a view to entering two cars at a 24-hour race on June 25-26.

For this reason, the new model has also been fitted with a 120 liter endurance racing fuel tank, although as performance claims haven’t been made yet it’s hard to know if this will affect the vehicle’s capabilities.