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Aston Martin Takes To The Rocky Mountains Slopes

Aston Martin Takes To The Rocky Mountains Slopes

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If you’re looking for a snow-fueled adrenaline rush this winter, why bother with heli-skiing or snowboarding when you can take to the piste in a supercar instead?

As well as being much warmer, faster and safer — Aston Martins have climate control, V12 engines and a plethora of airbags — the three-day Aston Martin On Ice event is much more exclusive.

The event, which will be hosted in the town of Crested Butte in the Colorado Rocky Mountains on February 20, will take place on a set of specially carved and honed tracks across a 10-acre area that has taken 250 man-hours to construct.

Lucky participants will be able to take their pick from the company’s current line-up of models and put them through breaking and cornering exercises, a slalom and of course a skid pan as well as a full race circuit. Drivers will receive expert tuition and once their car control is up to scratch will be able to hit a mile-long frozen road course.

For more information and a chance to register for the event, visit the Aston Martin US website.