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As eBook Readers Heat Up, Standardization Will Be Critical

As eBook Readers Heat Up, Standardization Will Be Critical

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The eBook market is heating up – here’s a look at some of the keys to the future.

Competition is growing in the eBook reader market. There have been plenty of electronic book devices in the past, but in the past year or so the Amazon Kindle has grown in popularity and built some credibility for the struggling market. Now, Amazon claims that Kindle eBooks account for more than 30 percent of the company’s overall book sales for books that are available in the Kindle format, and Sony is jumping in again with two devices to compete with the Kindle. Conventional wisdom has long held that the advent of the personal computer and the Internet will result in the salvation of billions of trees as paper is rendered archaic and we get all of our information digitally. I have been hearing that for 20 years or so. But then again, I’ve also been hearing that the United States is going to switch to the metric system…eventually. – From PC World