The new Giorgio Armani eyewear collection is inspired from eyewear from the 1980s. But these aren’t just reproductions of the original Armani pieces. Armani’s goal was to rediscover the artisan quality of the original collections – bringing back the spirit of the traditional production methods used to make eyewear in the past.

The result is a collection of eyewear that maintains a strong identity linked to how it is manufactured. It is about bringing quality and tradition to the modern product.

“Frames of life” for her
Pure oval (GA 789) – A new edition of the classic, round optical frames that are strongly inspired by the ‘20s. Temples are characterised by a light tubular plastic decorative trim and a piston hinge. They are available in shades of black/ruthenium, glossy brown/brown and Havana/matt silver.

“Frames of life” for him
Intellectual chic (GA 828) – A round shape that reflects the elegant taste of the ‘40s. The acetate front features a metal nosepiece fixed with rivets, and the flex temples are decorated with a thin tubular plastic trim. The colours range from shades of light Havana with palladium temples, to black with palladium temples, Havana with brown temples, reddish Havana with dark ruthenium temples and striped grey with palladium temples.