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Are E-Readers Greener Than Books?

Are E-Readers Greener Than Books?

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Interesting report from the New York Times:

A new study analyzing the Amazon Kindle electronic book reader’s impact on the environment suggests that, on average, the carbon emitted over the life of the device is offset after the first year of use. “It’s not just buying e-books that matters,” said the report’s author, Emma Ritch, of San Francisco-based Cleantech Group. “The key is they displace the purchase of 22.5 physical books.” Ms. Ritch said. “The new study finds that e-readers could have a major impact on improving the sustainability and environmental impact on the publishing industry, one of the world’s most polluting sectors,” a statement at Cleantech’s Web site states. “In 2008, the U.S. book and newspaper industries combined resulted in the harvesting of 125 million trees, not to mention wastewater that was produced or its massive carbon footprint.” – from NYTimes