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Apple TV update coming this March to include games

Apple TV update coming this March to include games

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Before you start thinking a fancy new big screen TV from Apple is on the horizon – let’s reign in your expectations. Apple is reportedly working on an update to its streaming device – the Apple TV. The device, which competes with other streaming products such as Roku – has not been revamped in two years. This would be the fourth generation of the Apple TV, which Apple has often referred to as a ‘hobby’. But with the explosion of streaming content, the folks at Cupertino are wise to improve and update the Apple TV.

So, what should we expect to find in the new Apple TV? Let’s start with games. Apple will likely revamped the Apple TV’s OS so it meshes firmly with iOS. You’ll be able to download and play games from with the Apple TV – just like you can do with your iPad.

iPad users can currently link their device to the current Apple TV using Airplay. But Apple feels that they need to cut out the intermediary step if they are to find greater success.

Apple will add support for physical game controllers for the Apple TV. Many makers of such devices, such as Logitech, already have created Bluetooth controllers for iOS 7. We also anticipate iOS devices, such as the iPad and iPhone, will work as game controllers.

The move would put Apple into greater competition with other gaming consoles.

The next thing that the Apple TV should do is increase available channels, although this is already done via software updates. We’d be really impressed if Apple included Amazon’s streaming channel on their device – but we seriously doubt they’ll have the stones to do so.

An updated Apple TV would be great. But what about the rumored iTV? We expect that later in 2014. The Apple TV is a nice dry run for an iTV. We expect a physical television from Apple – with the Apple TV system simply built into the device.

Word is that the new Apple TV will be available in March. No pricing has been released, but don’t expect any change from the current $99 price tag.