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Apple Rumors leading up to WWDC on June 2

Apple Rumors leading up to WWDC on June 2

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Apple kicks off it’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) next Tuesday, June 2. Here’s a rundown of some of things you might be seeing unveiled.

iOS 8
After the big redesign last year, expect some minor updates to the mobile OS. One major addition rumored is Healthbook – a collection of health and fitness apps. If Healthbook is part of the OS update, could an iWatch be in the wings as well?
Chance to see? 95%

OS X 10.10
Expect a preview of Apple’s desktop OS. Don’t be surprised to see more than a few iOS influences creep into the design.
Chance to see? 95%

beatsBeats Electronics
Expect Apple to formally announce the purchase of Beats Electronics. Founders Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre will join the company in some role.
Chance to see? 95%

Smart Home Platform
Apple is rumored to be creating a home software platform allowing users to control things like the lights and security system in your home from your iPhone.
Chance to see? 80%

Look for a new, low-cost iMac – just in time for school.
Chance to see? 75%

mac-airRetina MacBook Air
The Air got a bit of a bump last April (better processor and price cut), but no Retina display. Our bet is that will change. The MacBook Air’s lack of Retina display is simply making it unattractive to consumers.
Chance to see? 70%

Mac Mini
Look for an update to the Mac Mini in the form of better processors, graphics and WiFi support. There’s an outside chance that the Mini gets bumped from the Apple lineup.
Chance to see? 65%

appletvApple TV
Apple’s little black box is due for an upgrade. The only question is if it comes this summer or in the fall.
Chance to see? 40%

iPhone 6
Bigger iPhones! Will they be here? We don’t think so. It’s not out of the question, but new iPhones tend to get fall releases.
Chance to see? 25%

An Apple produced television has been discussed for years. We’ve expected it too many times for our own good. We think we’ll wait longer – perhaps this fall, if all the universe’s forces have arranged properly.
Chance to see? 15%

We think the long-rumored iWatch gets passed on again. The simple fact is that the there’s no overall compelling reason to produce a product that just won’t sell very many units (and no, health related applications aren’t a reason most people would want an iWatch). The melding of watches and smartphones simply isn’t a game changer for ANY company. Rather than see a product tank, Apple will wait out the watch segment. It will happen sooner or later – we just think later.
Chance to see? 15%

Perhaps there’s a larger iPad in the works, but all signs say ‘nada’ on this one.
Chance to see? 5%