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Apple does it again – iPhone 4 reviews

Apple does it again – iPhone 4 reviews

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The iPhone 4 is in the wild and reviews are starting to flood in around the Internet. The verdict? Thing look rosy for Apple with reviews coming in as good to great.

The primary issues coming in on the new version of Apple’s iPhone include AT&T’s frustrating service, some reception issues for lefthanded users, and the old docks don’t work.

But most everyone agrees that the iPhone 4 is a great piece of hardware (and software).

Here are some reviews:

The iPhone 4 is the best iPhone ever. That’s for certain. It’s the best media playing phone on the market, a terrific camera phone, and a truly awesome game-playing phone. It’s not the best phone-calling phone, but we’ve gone well beyond the era when everyone bought handheld, networked computers primarily for making long voice calls. – PC MAG

The iPhone 4 represents the biggest hardware overhaul Apple’s done since the original iPhone. Not only has Apple made the case thinner and the back of the phone flat, but it has also replaced the processor with a new one of its own design, swapped out the screen for one with twice the resolution, doubled the amount of system memory, added a forward-facing camera, and improved the camera on the back with higher resolution and an LED flash. – Mercury News

Apple’s fourth-generation iPhone makes its predecessors look like toys. Heck, even the iPad looks sissy now. It’s an impressive upgrade. The iPhone 4 ditches the curvy plastic case of the older models in favor of a thinner, squared-off glass body laced with a stainless-steel band. It has a higher-resolution display, a brand-new front-facing camera, an improved back camera with flash, double the RAM of the iPhone 3GS, and the same A4 processor that powers the iPad. Grip it in your hand, and the iPhone 4 feels like the phone of the future. – From Wired

Love it or hate it, the iPhone 4 marks yet another step towards a more mature Apple. The company’s latest marvel exudes sophistication. The weight and design of it alone gives it the air of a PhD when compared to its lowly undergrad brethren, the iPhone 3G and 3GS. While a few design flaws – screen strength and the antenna – have me worried, I’m unable to turn a blind eye to what looks and feels like the pinnacle of smartphone technology. – Wireless Week

The first reason to love this phone is the screen. The beautiful, extraordinary screen. Whether you believe Steve Jobs’s claim that the pixel density is beyond what the human retina can interpret or not, you really do have to see this screen for yourself. The Retina Display in the iPhone 4 is simply amazing. – Bloomberg