Many believe that tree houses are just for kids, but the Kazakh architect Aibek Almassov of A Masow Architects begs to differ by designing a tubular glass treehouse. Christened, “Tree in the House,” it encircles a fir tree in a forest.
Treen_in_the_house_1Rendering 360-degree-views of the neighboring forest, the inverted treehouse is conceived to offer an escape from the concrete spaces of the city. Rising up to four levels, the ring-shaped floors twirl around the tree.Treen_in_the_house_2 Images show that the topmost storeys rise above the tree canopy. It also includes a spiraling white staircase that coils along the trunk of the tree. Treen_in_the_house_5Also the glazed balustrades with wooden railings surround the atrium on each level so as not to block the views.Treen_in_the_house_6Designed to deliver an alternative to the bustle of city life, the architect intends to blend the modern industrial design with the natural wealth and beauty.Treen_in_the_house_7Intended to enhance spiritual purification, enlightenment as well as promote harmonising with the environment, Tree in the House renderings show a glass shower cubicle and other free-standing furniture dotted along the curved glass walls.Treen_in_the_house_8 Treen_in_the_house_9

Treen_in_the_house_4Cool Hunting And Dezeen Via A Masow