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An Intimate Luxury Hideaway: Rissai Valley, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve

An Intimate Luxury Hideaway: Rissai Valley, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve

Christopher Parr | Pursuitist
An Intimate Luxury Hideaway: Rissai Valley, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve

The latest addition to the Ritz-Carlton Reserve, nestled in China’s secluded Jiuzhaigou Valley — a UNESCO World Heritage Site — enchants visitors with spectacular mountain vistas and a luxurious spa experience like no other. This is the country’s first Ritz-Carlton Reserve.

Stepping into the realm of rare experiences and unparalleled luxury, Rissai Valley, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve, emerges as a gem from the canvas of China’s majestic landscapes. Nestled in the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Jiuzhaigou Valley on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, this property draws the awe-inspired traveler into the heart of tradition, culture, and natural beauty. As we embark on this journey, we delve into the intricate details of design, exquisite dining, enriching spa experiences, and the unparalleled value of luxury travel.

With the opening,  Ritz-Carlton is bringing the first Ritz-Carlton Reserve to China and introducing guests to Tibetan culture through incredible, immersive experiences.

Location and Design

Situated in southwestern China’s Sichuan province, Rissai Valley stands as a testament to the marriage of luxury and authenticity. The resort, an intimate ensemble of 87 villas, offers breathtaking vistas of the snow-capped Minshan mountain range, forests, and ancient Tibetan villages. The architectural firm WATG from the United States has paid homage to the surroundings and Tibetan heritage through traditional building forms and locally-sourced materials. The late Indonesian interior design legend Jaya Ibrahim has curated the elegant interiors, reflecting the vibrant local culture through palettes of forest greens, emeralds, and icy blues, mirroring the jewel-colored lakes and waterfalls of Jiuzhaigou.

Dining and Bars

The culinary experiences at Rissai Valley transcend beyond mere dining, offering an immersive journey into China’s rich gastronomic landscape. The resort houses multiple dining venues, including Bo Ri Village, an idyllic ancient village opposite the Reserve offering all-day dining, and Cai Lin Xuan, a refined Sichuan restaurant spotlighting local specialties. For those who prefer Western fare, La Montagne provides a delectable menu along with alfresco barbecues amid breathtaking views. The Lobby Lounge, with its intimate and relaxed ambiance, serves as the perfect backdrop for a tranquil afternoon tea or an evening cocktail.

Spa and Wellness

The Rissai Spa stands as a sanctuary dedicated to holistic wellness and tranquility, offering treatments inspired by ancient Tibetan philosophies and healing modalities. Whether it’s unwinding with singing bowl sound therapy or rejuvenating with yoga sessions by a cascading waterfall, the spa aims to restore serenity and balance. Adding to the allure is the expansive infinity swimming pool, inviting guests to immerse themselves in its clear blue waters against the stunning backdrop of a Tibetan village and towering mountain peaks.

VIP Experiences

At Rissai Valley, guests are not merely observers, but participants in the story of Jiuzhaigou. From witnessing the artistry of Tibetan folk dance and music to the meditative practice of Thangka painting, the resort offers transformative experiences. Moreover, a dedicated host, or “Nieba” in the local language, ensures a seamless stay experience, down to the smallest detail. For younger guests, the Reserve Kids Club provides an engaging program to explore the wonders of Jiuzhaigou and Tibetan culture, including outdoor adventures, treasure hunts, animal feeding, and stargazing evenings.

Pursuitist Final Take

The journey to Rissai Valley is more than a simple getaway; it’s an intimate connection to the landscapes, culture, and traditions of a land steeped in mystique and beauty. As Marcel Damen, General Manager of Rissai Valley, puts it, “A stay at Rissai Valley will inspire many memories that will last a lifetime.” As we explore the many facets of luxury travel, we uncover the charm of this remote paradise, a place where we not only encounter the best travel experience but create indelible memories along the way. As the first Ritz-Carlton Reserve in China, Rissai Valley stands as a beacon of authentic luxury and a testament to the power of meaningful human connections.

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