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Alexander Wang Spring 2014 Campaign Heads To The Loo

Alexander Wang Spring 2014 Campaign Heads To The Loo

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Fashion collections and campaigns unveiled against scenic or art-inspired backdrops are a norm. For his Summer-Spring 2014 campaign, Alexander Wang has headed to a toilet to relive his creative instincts. 

Updated with more photos from the campaign:




Alexander_wang_summer_2014Starring Anna Ewers and lensed by Steven Klein, the images show the model sitting atop a basin in what appears to be a public restroom. Styled by Karl Templer, the campaign shows Anna in a messy hairstyle, courtesy Paul Hanlon. Diane Kendal kept the makeup basic but neat while Gina Edwards was responsible for manicure (which is barely visible). The suggestive pose will appeal to the youth who will relate to the location, styling and the collection as well. Wearing a full sleeve top which screams ‘Parental Advisory Explict Content’ styled by Karl Templer, Evers sprawls over the sink with her legs wide open.

Alexander_wang_summer_2014_campaign_lookThe campaign also highlights the platform shoe collection seen in pink as well as white. The second image lets everybody see two pairs of feet (of Anna Ewers and Zuzu Tadeushuk) strapped in white and pink shoes in adjacent toilet booths.

Alexander_wang_summer_2014_shoesSpeaking of his inspiration for the toilet-based campaign, Alexander Wang mentions that  “Since the spring-summer 2014 collection plays on the duality of naïveté and perverse explicitness in youth culture, we wanted to shoot the campaign in a very familiar environment most people grow up reminiscing about. I loved blurring the lines between censorship and humor.”

Care to see this wacky ad in person? Head to Lafayette Street and Great Jones Street in New York as the billboard, featuring the same, will be put up this later month. WWD also states that the ads are set to run in spring issues of fashion mags such as Love, CR Fashion Book, Self Service and Interview magazine.