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Alain Ducasse’s Ore Restaurant At The Palace Of Versailles

Alain Ducasse’s Ore Restaurant At The Palace Of Versailles

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The opening of the Michelin-starred chef’s new restaurant at France’s Palace of Versailles has been announced for September, as Alain Ducasse told us back in May. The official announcement came Monday, June 20 in a joint news release from Alain Ducasse Enterprise and the Palace of Versailles.

When interviewed in May on the occasion of his new dining experiences opening at Paris’s “Le Meurice” five-star hotel, Alain Ducasse told us that his contemporary café at the Palace of Versailles would open between July 20 and September 20.

Alain Ducasse states: “Versailles is a dream that impassions and fascinates. It is a privilege to bring forth my modest contribution to the contemporary history of the Palace.”

The new Alain Ducasse eatery is called “Ore,” which means “mouth” in Latin, nodding to the great feasts held at the royal residence of Versailles at the time of Louis XIV, in particular. The restaurant is located on the first floor of the Pavillon Dufour, offering diners extensive views over the Royal Courtyard. The restaurant will be accessible independently to the Palace of Versailles visit.


The restaurant has been designed by architects Dominique Perrault and Frédéric Didier, the head architect of the Palace of Versailles, with an interior that transports diners into modernity while still respecting the past. Full details of the menu are still to be announced, but the café will serve options including quick, light bites, as well as gourmet pastries. Vegetables will also be given pride of place on the menu.

After its regular service, “Ore” will host private events and dinners, reviving the spirit of the great feasts and banquets held at the Palace during the time of Louis XIV.