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A ‘new’ Michelangelo Discovered?

A ‘new’ Michelangelo Discovered?

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Does the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York have a painting by Michelangelo and not know it? “Saint John the Baptist Bearing Witness” (about 1510), pictured above, is attributed to the workshop of Francesco Granacci, a noted Renaissance-era painter from Florence. But an article this month in ARTnews magazine suggests that the real creator of the artwork is none other than Michelangelo. – from LATimes

“I’m acutely aware that Michelangelo, like van Gogh, attracts a lot of crazy ideas, and people are going to say, ‘This is another absurd idea,'” said Everett Fahy, one of the world’s most distinguished scholars of the Italian Renaissance, who retired in March as John Pope-Hennessy Chairman of European Paintings at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. “I’m expecting that they’re going to throw brickbats.” – from ArtNews