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A Modular Desk For Creative People: The Worknest By Wiktoria Lenart

A Modular Desk For Creative People: The Worknest By Wiktoria Lenart

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Add a bit of personal touch to your work environment. Bring a plant, add some colour, transform your office into a nice and comfortable place: “a nest” for good ideas worth implementing. After all, you are spending at least a couple of hours working with ideas, numbers or creativity. Worknest is a project developed by Polish designer,Wiktoria Lenart. It is a modular workplace for creative people, that can easily adapt to the needs of the owner in all sorts of creative ways. At a first glance, Worknest looks very basic and simplistic. Obviously, “it’s more than meets the eye”. Its wooden surface boasts thin slots for shelvings, plants or different supports for your office accessories.


In a minute, from a plain office, Worknest (with a little bit of passion and creativity) becomes a lively spot, that provides storage and helps you organise your stuff better. It’s spacious, neat and very comfortable. The wooden structure makes it look warm and welcoming. For those who want to keep it simple, yet not find it uninspiring, some storage options and a suspended plant will change the décor. The best thing about Worknest is that you can constantly customise it, based on your mood and preferences. More information about this creative modular desk, on