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A Ferrari Is The Centerpiece Of A Home In Hong Kong

A Ferrari Is The Centerpiece Of A Home In Hong Kong

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Usually a car is parked in a garage outside a home. But when you have a Ferrari, you are eligible to bring the garage right into your living room. The owner of the house in Sai Kung, Hong Kong commissioned the team of Millimeter Interior Design to remodel the whole space. 

House_Sai_Kung_Millimeter_dining_tableIt was a challenge for the designing team as the narrow three storey structure features a split-level layout. However the outcome of the cleverly designed interior has been outstanding. It’s the red beast overlooking the living room and kitchen area that has caught our fancy!

House_Sai_Kung_Millimeter_ interior_design_elevated-dining-tableThe garage has been bought inside the house to add sporty oomph to the interiors. Though large glass windows separate it from the rest of the house, at the same time it gives a bigger and open look to the whole setup. Such a designing will fascinate auto enthusiasts who love to keep their beautiful ride in their sight and use it as a piece of décor.

House_Sai_Kung_Millimeter_1Apart from using the owner’s Ferrari as the center peice of the decor, the house also boasts of other practical yet contemporary arrangements like the elevated dining table and a low-level kitchen. The table’s elevation can be altered to suit the diner’s comfort.

House_Sai_Kung_Millimeter_dining_table_1The 4,500 square feet house appears to be seamlessly connected throughout the three-stories with abundant use of glass and steel. The other levels of the house include well-designed bedrooms, bathrooms as well as work areas.

House_Sai_Kung_Millimeter_bedroomMillimeter interior design specializes in professional residential and commercial interior design.  The firm primarily focuses on the quality of design, customer satisfaction and the overall project management. All of which is clearly visible in the newly modeled house in Sai Kung, Hong Kong.