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A Condo Like a Fine Cologne: Miami Condominium Features Custom Scents

A Condo Like a Fine Cologne: Miami Condominium Features Custom Scents

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Luxury residential buildings are designed to titillate the senses with beautiful architecture and interior design. We are used to the idea that where we live should be carefully curated to have a distinct look, but what about being curated to have a distinct scent profile? Miami’s One Thousand Museum, a residential building designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, is taking the aesthetics of luxury living to the next level by including custom scents in various spaces within the building. The Aquatic Centre and Skylounge, for example, is designed to smell like a European beach holiday.

Zaha Hadid Architects employed 12.29, a group of olfactory experts, to design scents that would lightly perfume the building’s interior amenity spaces, including the lobby and the spa. 12.29 was founded by Dawn Goldworm, whose synaesthesia influences how she interprets visual and olfactory stimuli; in Goldworm’s case, she can perceive scents as colors. Non-synesthetes might not get all these nuances, but they can still enjoy the fruits of Goldworm’s olfactory expertise. Goldworm’s company designed four signature scents for One Thousand Museum which are diffused through the building’s HVAC system. Residences can be scented in a similar fashion using one of these four perfumes, or residents can request that 12.29 create a custom scent just for their home.

Currently apartments in the building cost upwards of $6 million, with the penthouse going for $50 million.