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4 Tips From Padma Lakshmi for Celebrating National Vodka Day

4 Tips From Padma Lakshmi for Celebrating National Vodka Day

In celebration of National Vodka Day, Ketel One has teamed up with Emmy-nominated Padma Lakshmi to share some of her tips for hosting and pairing snacks for the holiday.


HOUSTON, TEXAS – SEPTEMBER 18: Padma Lakshmi prepares for the Emmys with a Ketel One Vodka martini in hand on September 18, 2021 in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Rick Kern/Getty Images for Ketel One Vodka)



What are some of your favorite small bites to go with your Ketel One martini? Can you share some of your dishes and pairings?

When I’m having cocktails I usually reach for small salty, crunchy, savory bites. I  love spring rolls, or mini grilled cheese, and especially reach for spiced nuts like chile with lime or masala cashews.




How do you prefer to enjoy your martini?

I  love a really briny, dirty martini, served ice cold, alongside some savory appetizers.




Is there an unusual or unique food that is your go-to when you are enjoying a Ketel One Martini?

Anything super spicy, cheesy, salty, and crunchy is my favorite snack. I  love flautas with feta and mushrooms with a really bright, hot mint and serrano chile dipping sauce like the one in my cookbook- tangy-tart, hot and sweet!



Do you have any tips for anyone trying to amp up their martini game at home? For example, experimenting with different brines, stuffing their own olives with their favorite bleu cheese, etc.


Rather than adding just olives, I spike up my Ketel One Martini by adding pickled jalapenos and some of their pickling liquid. This pickling liquid comes in handy for all sorts of uses by the way, not just for cocktails, so don’t throw out the bottle and its juice just because jalapenos are finished! It’s good in dressings, soups, and sauces.