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$21,000,000 Incense Burner

$21,000,000 Incense Burner

Christopher Parr | Pursuitist
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Today’s Luxury eBay Item of the Day is a Pre-1800s Incense Burner from China with a current asking price of $21,000,000. Yes, 21 MILLION!

This unique and teal incense burner is described by the eBay seller as “Excellent. Glaze exhibits a subtle underglaze light colour crackle. Most rare, exquisite and technically perfect Ru Kiln Imperial lotus-petal incense burner. Circular incense burner in lotus flower shape, with a base supported on 3 rabbit shaped feet. The tip of one of the lotus petals is broken. No other defects or repairs. ”

The Incense Burner is sold “as-is” with no returns, so buyer beware. Here is more info on eBay.

$21,000,000 Incense Burner2