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2014 Buick Regal GS: a ‘punchy’ sedan with intelligent changes

2014 Buick Regal GS: a ‘punchy’ sedan with intelligent changes

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The world of high-end cars is very populated, and over the years even the classic names have undergone a makeover of image, styling and engineering much to keep up with the demands of their customers. It was pleasantly surprising, however, to find Buick maintain the essence of their brand, and fine tune their expertise at making cars which can be powerful and be easy to handle at the same time. The 2014 Buick Regal GS is something which fits perfectly well into the definition.

Buick Regal 2

The engine, which remains a prime thing to boast about for any category of cars, 2.0-liter l4, with power generation capacity of 259 HP, with a 6-speed automatic transmission that takes about 6.8 seconds to go from 0 to 100 kmph. The seating configuration remains a big plus point for this Buick , as it packs in a 2+5 seating arrangement. Packing in a group of friends or the family shouldn’t really be a problem here.

Buick Regal 3

One thing which a few of the testers have mentioned, is the Haldex all-wheel drive system. For those of you drivers who can make out the difference in driving experience, it means that all 4 wheels get an equal torque distribution at all speeds. Even switching between driving modes from normal to Sport to GS Mode, the balance and distribution do get affected in any way.

Buick Regal 4

In terms of some of the cosmetic changes noticed in the car, are new headlight, grille, bumpers, new front air intake slots, new tail lights, trunk lid, and rear bumper structure. The wheels are now a 19-inch series of 4 instead of the earlier 18-inch diameter ones. On the interior, the central console is a lot more uncluttered with the absence of plastic buttons all over the place. The central display is a touch sensitive 4.2-inch unit with 7 buttons around it, whereas the driver’s unit is an 8-inch display unit with customized information available. The seating has also turned more comfortable with the new better cushioned leather seats, and faux wood trimmings add to the flavor a lot.

Buick Regal 5

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Those planning to buy one of these, would need to wait till fall of 2013, when it goes on sale in the US. The starting price is pegged at $32,485 and ranges up to the all-wheel drive edition for $40,195 a piece.

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