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2011 Bentley Mulsanne First Drive

2011 Bentley Mulsanne First Drive

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It didn’t seem like a dangerous maneuver at first: a simple pass on a two-lane road in a car with an engine putting out 752 pound-feet of torque. Piece of cake, right? Yeah, well, even with its aluminum body panels this new 2011 Bentley Mulsanne still weighs 5,700 pounds, which is only slightly less than the sizable truck bearing down on us from the opposite direction. No backing off, though; this isn’t a Rolls-Royce. We keep our foot in it and the eight-speed transmission drops another gear or two. The Mulsanne doesn’t exactly leap forward and doesn’t make much noise either, but according to the speedometer we are indeed moving quite a bit faster. – From Inside Line

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  • Brian from Media Needle, here! The Mulsanne is undeniably up there with the best of the best luxury cars. But the price point is unthinkable for most of us.

    I actually saw a comparison of the Mulsanne to the Hyundia Equus, the Korean Car Maker’s top of the line automobile. The price of this car is actually quite reasonable.

    Check out the comparison on this funny and very interesting video: is an award-winning 5-star luxury travel & lifestyle blog showcasing luxury cars & drives, fashion & style, gear, real estate, travel, and food & drink.
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