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$1,499 42″ Apple TV teased through Best Buy Survey

$1,499 42″ Apple TV teased through Best Buy Survey

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Best Buy has reportedly sent out a survey asking consumers about a potential Apple TV product.

The survey, posted by the Verge, provides all sorts of tidbits about what an Apple TV could be. This includes:

  • A 42″ 1080p LED flat-panel screen
  • Incorporates the Apple iOS, including the iCloud service, as well the ability to stream movies and other entertainment from the Internet
  • Fully compatible with the Apps store – letting you play Angry Birds on the big screen
  • Integration with YouTube, Flikr and Netflix
  • iSight camera and microphone for using Skype
  • iPad and iPhone integration, allowing you to use those devices as a remote
  • $1499 price tag

All this is nice and intriguing. Best Buy has said the survey was only ‘hypothetical’, but often where there is smoke, there’s fire.

The price tag looks a bit high at this point, but if Apple can fully integrate all their devices wirelessly – computers, iPads, iPods, etc. – with the TV, that could shake up some living rooms.