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$1 Million Batmobile For Sale

$1 Million Batmobile For Sale

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If you’re a billionaire playboy with a social conscious and tempted to take the law into your own hands for the greater good, James Edition has just the car for you.

Based on the already iconic ‘Tumbler’ Batmobile from Christopher Nolan’s “Batman Begins” and the Dark Knight films, the car has been custom-built from the ground up as an almost perfect replica — externally anyway.

Under the sculpted body panels you’ll find a General Motors LS series V8 engine, but you won’t find a Bat Pod motorbike escape vehicle or self-destruct system.

Instead, it’s been fitted with a decent stereo system, a DVD player, an iPod integration port and a global satnav system, all of which will probably be more useful in day-to-day situations of a non-crime-fighting nature.

$1 Million Batmobile For Sale

Best of all in this regard are the cameras mounted around the car’s body to make it easier to maneuver along narrow streets and of course, to park.

The car sits on 44-inch wheels, complete with custom-built rims and, as it was built in the US, is available in left-hand-drive only. The company has built just five examples and each one has a $1 million price tag.

However, be warned, as James Edition, the luxury marketplace where the vehicle is being listed, says, as incredible as the car is, it is not a daily driver. But, if you can afford a Tumbler, then, just like Bruce Wayne, you can also afford a much less conspicuous and easy-to-handle Lamborghini for day-time driving.