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Mathieu Lehanneur’s Abstract Chandelier Sewn Into Château Borély’s Ceiling

LES CORDES, this stunning modern rope chandelier signed by French designer Mathieu Lehanneur beautifully illuminates the interiors of an enchanting chateau in the southern part of Marseille, France. Château Borély, built in the eighteenth century, hosted an archaeological museum for a while, then it turned into the Museum of Decorative Arts, Pottery and Fashion.

The lobby at Château Borély features this brilliant chandelier that seems to have been sewn into the building’s structure. According to Mathieu Lehanneur, “this chandelier is thought of as a line of light passing through the ceiling, it leaves only appear lines of light and glass. This is not an object. This is not a fixture. This is the light itself seems to live and circulate in the space of the hall, as sewn on the building itself.”

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LES CORDES  by Mathieu Lehanneur  (2) LES CORDES  by Mathieu Lehanneur  (3) LES CORDES  by Mathieu Lehanneur  (4) LES CORDES  by Mathieu Lehanneur  (5)

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