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Zaha Hadid Homeware Collection Debuts At Harrods

Zaha Hadid Homeware Collection Debuts At Harrods

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Though she started off as an architect, Zaha Hadid’s signature curvaceous touch can be seen, not only on buildings but also, on furniture pieces, fashion wear, footwear, jewelry and the likes. Her neofuturistic designs keep flowing across various spheres to give a distinctive identity to the creations. The Iraqi-British designer’s vision has also touched the homeware collections this season. Catering to the taste of the elite, her latest lifestyle collection is not everyone’s cup of tea. Comprising of vessels, candelabras, vases and a chess set, Zaha’s first homeware collection debuts at London department store Harrods.

zaha_hadid_homeware_harrods_serving_platterThe architect behind some of the world’s most eye-catching buildings presents an inaugural retail collection including pieces shaped from bone china, resin, acrylic and featuring in white, black, clear with hints of green and pink. The pieces from the collection appear to be miniature versions of her iconic buildings.

zaha_hadid_homeware_harrods_serving_platter_1The highlight of the collection is the Aqua Platter which is inspired by London 2012 Olympic Aquatic Centre designed by Hadid. Sporting the signauture curves, the scaled down edition of the Olympic structure in form of a platter is available for about $16,400 (£9,999).

zaha_hadid_homeware_chess_setAnother piece that grabbed our attention is the Field of Towers Chess Set. Representating the intense research and evolutionary processes, the set forms a map of the many stages of development and research Hadid undertakes for each of her architectural projects. Play the game in style for $8,000 (£4,860).

zaha_hadid_homeware_candle_holderThe other pieces from the collection include sculptural candlesticks, a double-headed candelabra as well as a range of scented candles housed within vessels based on the architect’s skyscraper designs.

zaha_hadid_homeware_harrods_scented_candle_1 zaha_hadid_homeware_harrods_scented_candleInspired by Zaha Hadid’s knowledge and expertise of working with complex geometric techniques, the Braid Candle Holder and Candelabra holds the candles for (£2,300).

zaha_hadid_homeware_table_matOne more product inspired by Hadid’s London 2012 Olympic Aquatics Centre is the Aqua Table Mat. Designed to be used as a canapé tray or table mat, it is put together with   three separate pieces that can be configured according to the user’s needs and personal design aesthetic. Available in black, clear, fuchsia and lime green, the mats add a refined and playful element to any dinner table for $125 each.

The collection was launched to coincide with the year’s London Design Festival, which continues until 21 September. The London Design Festival sees the world’s very best in design and this year Harrods makes its debut with an in-store design trail. Tracing a path through the store’s Second and Third Floor Home department, the trail takes in a wide variety of top names and design principles; highlights of which include Zaha Hadid’s inaugural homewares collection.

Zaha Hadid Via  Harrods