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WOW Boxes By Anya Hindmarch – A Whimsical Treasure Trove!

WOW Boxes By Anya Hindmarch – A Whimsical Treasure Trove!

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When the rest of the world is trying to think outside the box, British accessories brand Anya Hindmarch is creating magic inside the box!

Wow box 1

The WOW boxes come with a selection of gifts handpicked by you. You can select what to put in depending on the occasion. The Vow box for weddings comes with promising treats that will get you that “Yes! I do!”. The Child box will give you an attack of nostalgia as its full of fun and warmth complete with whistles, pencils, rubber balls, stretchy figurines, sunglasses and crazy straws. And for those looking to have fun (outside the box!) also have an option of the naughty box which is filled with cheeky novelties like gin and vodka bottles, a shot glass, replica cigarettes, breath mints and a drinking game.

Wow box 4

Wow box 3

These curated treats come in a range of colorful luxurious suede-lined leather boxes which can be embossed with personal messages in your handwriting. You can even add pictures and drawings and they will be intricately engraved on your WOW box. They are priced from a range of $395 to $65o depending on how large your heart is (or your wallet!). The boxes are not available for sale online but you can walk into their stores in London, New York or Tokyo.

Wow box 2

These witty little baubles and accessories are described as “Often naughty, always humorous!” on their official website and come with a guaranteed smile from the receiver! The whimsical ideas carefully crafted truly shows that beauty lies in elegance and simplicity, and more importantly, the thought behind the little treats. Anya Hindmarch has definitely got us wow-ing over this super personalized gift keepsake.