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Wireless LED Illuminating Coffee Table for modern interiors

Wireless LED Illuminating Coffee Table for modern interiors

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Flexible, versatile and multifunctional ,the SQILL Illuminating Coffee Table was designed by David Chapman for Clay Designs. A piece of furniture like this one is both a table and a light, flooding its surroundings with a soft, low level light. Missing cables and easy to mova around, the elegant table is available in tulipwood, sapele, American white oak, European oak, cherry and American black walnut.

Embedding long-life energy efficient LED technology, the sculptural Sqill coffee table composes a balanced ambient light, proving that a wireless illuminating coffee table can be the missing accessory from your home. Made to order, the solid wood and glass illuminating table can be easily recharged by plunging the charger directly into the table. Crafted from FSC approved timber, this wonderful versatile furniture item can be customized to your specific requirements, making it perfect for any space.

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