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Waterproof Your Smartphone

Waterproof Your Smartphone

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Save the rice to throw at a wedding.  It isn’t a proven plan, and, honestly, your smart phone may not be afraid to take a little impromptu swim anymore.

We’ve all cringed at taking calls in the rain, shuddered over spills, and had heart palpitations about the dreaded butterfingers toilet dive (may we still suggest you trade-in your tech after something like that, ick!).  Breathe easier, you can now get your essential electronics coated — and not just with a bulky water resistant case.

Introducing Liquipel, a company out of Santa Ana, California, that’s touting a proprietary invisible miracle gel that thoroughly safeguards against water damage.  The explanation for how it works includes vacuum seals, liquids morphing into gases, and lessons about atmospheric pressure, but all you really need to know is that it sticks to your iPhone or Android’s circuit boards  to do just what you’ve always wanted… make them waterproof.

You’ll have to part with your phone for a few days while the process takes place, and it is recommended to back-up your contacts and data prior to shipping it to Liquipel’s corporate headquarters, but for less than $60, you’ll feel a lot safer about that unplanned plunge.

Full swim submersion still not suggested.