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Wagyu Beef of the Month Club Launched by Iron Chef Judge David Rosengarten

Wagyu Beef of the Month Club Launched by Iron Chef Judge David Rosengarten

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Award-winning food and wine expert, David Rosengarten, has introduced the “Wagyu-Beef-of-the-Month-Club”.

In developing the club concept, Rosengarten, a former judge of the hit television series, “The Iron Chef”, teamed with expert butcher George Faison, co-founder of D’Artagnan and current CEO of DeBragga Meats. Leveraging his butchering expertise, Faison has guided Rosengarten in selecting the finest cuts that are now part of the David Rosengarten Wagyu-Beef-of-the-Month Club. The club delivers everything from Japanese ribeye to Australian tenderloin.

The longtime host of “Taste,” the award-winning Food Network television show, Rosengarten is a self-taught cook and author of multiple cookbooks, including the seminal “Red Wine with Fish,” “Taste,” “It’s ALL American Food,” “David Rosengarten Entertains” and the best-selling “Dean & DeLuca Cookbook.” Rosengarten is also well known for his newsletter, The Rosengarten Report, which was published from 2001 to 2008. During its run, it won the James Beard Award as best food newsletter in America, and at its peak, attracted 50,000 paid subscribers. David’s newsletter will be relaunched in late 2014.

In developing the Wagyu club, Rosengarten envisioned it as a way to introduce the at home chef to higher-end meat and cooking with it. With each monthly delivery, Wagyu-Beef-of-the-Month-Club members receive a recipe created for that specific cut of meat, allowing the consumer to grow in his or her culinary abilities throughout the club membership.

Three different membership programs are available. The Year-Round Wagyu-Beef-of-the-Month Club offers a different cut of Wagyu each month throughout the year for $1500. Cuts range from top sirloin and signature rib-eye to Wagyu burgers and chuck flap. The Wise Wagyu Shopper Club, is a value package that offers five months of the more affordable cuts, such as brisket and chuck meat for stew ,for $500. The Primo Club is a luxurious package that includes five months of the greatest cuts, such as Australian tenderloin of beef and signature strip steak costs $800. The Wagyu-Beef-of-the-Month-Club is available for shipping across the US. The prices online do not include shipping, which is added on at the time of purchase and varies based on location.

All Wagyu-Beef-of-the-Month-Clubs can be purchased on Rosengarten’s official website, which also features a blog, recipes, a wine shop and other gourmet food products that are also available for purchase.

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