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Vivienne Westwood Launches Rainforest Fund

Vivienne Westwood Launches Rainforest Fund

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Designer Vivienne Westwood has launched a rainforest preservation campaign to support Cool Earth – a charity that dedicated to stopping the destruction of rainforests by working with the communities who live there. Cool Earth has protected over 2.5 million acres of vulnerable rainforest since its launch in 2007.

Westwood is personally donating $1.6 million to launch the fund-raising campaign, which aims to raise more than $11 million to secure three rainforests – the Peruvian Amazon, the Congo and rainforest areas in Asia.

As part of the campaign, Westwood has already recruited some famous personalities, including Kate Moss, Lily Cole and Sadie Frost. Donations will be used to secure the various tracts of rainforest, with much of the money going to local communities as an incentive to fore go payments from logging and mining companies who would deforest the regions.

The campaign called “No Fun Being Extinct“.

Westwood has been a long-time supporter of protecting the earth’s dwindling rainforests.