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Uber Bike Unveiled In Amsterdam

Uber Bike Unveiled In Amsterdam

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Rideshare service Uber has come up with a unique solution to a uniquely Dutch problem: cars equipped with bike racks to take both passengers and their rides back home.

Cycling is a deeply ingrained part of daily life in Amsterdam: 75 percent of Amsterdammers own a bike and more than half of all journeys in the city center are made by bike.

It’s also estimated that Amsterdam is home to about 880,000 two-wheeled rides.

And while cycling is the heavily favored mode of transportation in the city, biking home can be tricky when it rains or after a few drinks.

Uber Bike

Enter Uber Bike.

Integrated into the Uber app for users in Amsterdam, an UberBike option allows customers to hail a car that comes equipped with a bike rack. UberBike charges the standard rate plus an addition €4 for the bike.

The company previously launched UberBike in São Paulo, Brazil. No word on whether the service will be expanded outside Amsterdam and São Paulo.