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Tommy Hilfiger Becomes Digital Showroom Pioneer

Tommy Hilfiger Becomes Digital Showroom Pioneer

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Tommy Hilfiger announced the launch of a pioneering new digital platform that it hopes could revolutionize the traditional sales experience today.  This new concept — a digital sales showroom — will debut at its global headquarters in Amsterdam.

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“Without a digital complement in your business, there is no future,” said Daniel Grieder, CEO, Tommy Hilfiger, in a distributed video interview about the launch of the showroom, which offers retailers a more engaging and seamless buying approach through an interactive system that blends collection information, sales tools, and brand content in a touchscreen interface.

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“Our new digital showroom concept completely reimagines the traditional buying approach and establishes a new fashion industry benchmark for business to business sales,” continued Grieder.  “The concept also supports our ongoing focus on efficiency and will significantly streamline and enhance the Tommy Hilfiger sales experience.”

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What retailers can now expect at the digital showrooms — the brand is announcing rapid expansion of this concept — is an interactive half-meter by one-meter touchscreen table set in a sleek walnut frame, which connects to a four-meter-high wall-to-wall grid of ultra-high-definition 4K screens.

Customers can digitally view every item in the Tommy Hilfiger sportswear and Hilfiger Denim seasonal collections and create custom orders with all product categories laid out across a single screen. They can view head-to-toe key looks, zoom in with detail to see unique design features, and click on garments for specific information, like color offerings and size ranges.

The digital showroom concept supports Tommy Hilfiger’s ongoing sustainability mission by reducing sample production, eliminating the need for printed order forms, and diminishing the ecological impacts of shipping.  Greider asserts that feedback has been “amazing.”

“You’ll see the items in an even better version than you would by samples, but you also can check quality by swatches we have.”

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And according to Hilfiger himself:  “Our unique digital showroom concept is a juxtaposition of craft and innovation.  The platform reflects values which are at the heart of our brand DNA: entrepreneurial, inspirational, surprising, inclusive and accessible. We believe this is the sales experience of the future and look forward to working with our retail partners in this exciting new setup.”

Tommy Hilfiger launched its digital showroom on January 21, 2015, in Amsterdam with key international wholesale partners, and will establish a global roll-out plan to expand the concept into markets worldwide.