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The Most Anticipated Luxury Hotel Openings of 2024

The Most Anticipated Luxury Hotel Openings of 2024

Christopher Parr | Pursuitist
The Most Anticipated Luxury Hotel Openings of 2024

2024 must-visit luxury hotel openings selected by the renown Christopher Parr. The founder of Pursuitist — the pinnacle of luxury lifestyle guides, unveils his most anticipated luxury hotel openings. The Pursuitist editors invited the legendary travel journalist Parr to divulge his top-tier, immediate-booking destinations that are coming in 2024. We’ve secured an exclusive insight from the hospitality icon whom the Luxury Lifestyle Awards heralded as the “Best Luxury Travel Influencer in the World.”

The landscape of luxury travel is set for a thrilling transformation in 2024. This isn’t just about adding new destinations to the map; it’s a redefinition of elegance and comfort in travel. As we step into this year, we’re looking at a lineup of hotel openings that redefine the very concept of a luxury stay.

These aren’t mere accommodations; they’re hospitality gateways to unparalleled experiences, rich in stories and deep connections to their surroundings. Whether nestled in vibrant city centers or tucked away in serene natural havens, each hotel is a unique testament to the evolving narrative of luxury travel. From the meticulous restoration of historical landmarks to the rise of eco-conscious resorts, 2024 is ushering in a new era that promises to enchant and inspire the discerning travelers of Pursuitist.

The year 2024 promises to be a stalwart year for luxury travel, with a slew of exciting new hotel openings scheduled around the globe. From captivating cityscapes to stunning natural settings, these hotels offer affluent travelers unique and unforgettable experiences.

The Lana, Dubai: A New Jewel in the Crown of the Dorchester Collection

Dubai, a city synonymous with opulence, welcomes The Lana in February 2024, marking the Dorchester Collection’s grand debut in the region. This architectural marvel, designed by Foster + Partners, is set in the Burj Khalifa district, offering guests unrivaled views of the iconic tower and the city’s skyline. The Lana will feature 225 luxurious rooms and suites, six world-class restaurants and bars, and a rooftop pool and spa that promise an oasis of relaxation in the heart of the city.

Pursuitist’s Excitement: The Lana’s entry into Dubai’s luxury landscape excites us for its architectural brilliance and prime location. Its promise of unparalleled luxury and opulence in the heart of the city is a narrative that aligns perfectly with our audience’s interests.

The Lana, Dubai
The Lana, Dubai

Aman Nai Lert Bangkok: A Tranquil Urban Retreat

Aman‘s first foray into Bangkok, Aman Nai Lert, set to open in 2024, offers a serene sanctuary amidst the lush Nai Lert Park. This urban escape will feature 52 elegant suites and villas, a signature Aman Spa, and an array of dining experiences, providing a tranquil counterpoint to the vibrant energy of Bangkok.

Pursuitist’s Excitement: The arrival of Aman Nai Lert in Bangkok, blending tranquility with luxury in an urban oasis, is a perfect addition to our collection of unique luxury experiences. This property offers an exclusive glimpse into the serene side of Bangkok.

One&Only Moonlight Basin, Montana: A Winter Wonderland

One&Only’s expansion into North America continues with the opening of One&Only Moonlight Basin in Montana. Nestled in the stunning Big Sky Resort, this ski-in/ski-out property will be a haven for winter sports enthusiasts. With 73 luxurious guest rooms and suites, diverse dining options, and a comprehensive wellness program, it’s set to redefine mountain luxury.

Pursuitist’s Excitement: One&Only Moonlight Basin in Montana is an exciting addition for us, offering a unique blend of adventure and luxury in a stunning natural setting. This property aligns with our pursuit of exceptional and exclusive travel experiences.

One&Only Moonlight Basin, Montana:
One&Only Moonlight Basin, Montana:

Florence Collegio alla Querce, Italy: Renaissance Reimagined

In the heart of Florence, the historic Collegio alla Querce is reborn as a luxurious hotel, blending 16th-century Renaissance grandeur with modern luxury. Opening in 2024, it offers 73 guest rooms and suites, a world-class spa, and a rooftop terrace providing panoramic views of Florence, immersing guests in the city’s rich history and culture.

Pursuitist’s Excitement: The transformation of a Renaissance palace into a modern luxury hotel in Florence is a story that excites us. This property offers a unique opportunity to experience Italy’s rich cultural heritage in a luxurious setting.

Banyan Tree Dongguan Songshan Lake, China: Lakeside Serenity

Banyan Tree’s debut in Dongguan, China, with the opening of Banyan Tree Dongguan Songshan Lake in 2024, offers a peaceful lakeside retreat. Featuring 152 luxurious villas, a renowned spa, and a variety of water sports activities, this resort is a sanctuary of tranquility amidst natural beauty.

Pursuitist’s Excitement: Banyan Tree Dongguan Songshan Lake’s focus on tranquility and luxury in a natural setting is captivating. We’re excited to share how this property harmonizes luxury with the natural beauty of its lakeside location.

Banyan Tree Dongguan Songshan Lake, China
Banyan Tree Dongguan Songshan Lake, China

Rosewood Schloss Fuschl, Austria: A Castle of Dreams

Set to open in 2024, Rosewood Schloss Fuschl in Austria is a majestic 15th-century castle on the shores of Lake Fuschl. This enchanting property combines Old World charm with modern luxury, featuring 93 guest rooms and suites, a stunning spa, and fine dining options, offering guests a royal experience in the heart of Europe.

Pursuitist’s Excitement: The opening of Rosewood Schloss Fuschl is thrilling for its unique blend of historical grandeur and modern luxury. The castle’s transformation into a luxury hotel in Austria’s picturesque landscape is a narrative we’re eager to explore.

Mollie Aspen, Aspen, Colorado: Snow Adventure

Mollie Aspen is an intimate ski-in/ski-out retreat that elegantly fuses contemporary style with rustic charm. With just 67 guest rooms and residences, it offers a private and personalized experience. The design features sleek furnishings and crackling fireplaces, plush fur throws against minimalist lines, and balconies that open up to the stunning vistas of the Rockies.

Pursuitist’s Excitement: The après-ski scene at Mollie Aspen is set to be a major draw. The rooftop pool provides a scenic spot to relax with a craft cocktail post-skiing. The spa offers rejuvenating treatments perfect for après-ski recovery. Dining at Ember, Chef Alex Seidel’s signature restaurant, and the inviting Living Room promises culinary delights.

Mollie Aspen, Aspen, Colorado
Mollie Aspen, Aspen, Colorado

Soneva Secret, The Maldives: Get Way 

Soneva Secret in the Haa Dhaalu Atoll redefines luxury with 14 overwater and island villas. Features include retractable roofs for stargazing, private spa rooms, and dedicated butler and chef services, offering an idyllic Maldivian retreat.

Why We’re Excited: This resort offers unique experiences like private infinity pools, personalized spa treatments, and exclusive gourmet picnics, embodying barefoot luxury at its finest.

Rosewood Munich, Germany. Heritage at your fingertips. 

Rosewood Munich, near Marienplatz, marries Bavarian heritage with contemporary luxury, creating a sophisticated ambiance and marking a new chapter in Munich’s hospitality.

Why We’re Excited: With plush guest rooms, a rooftop bar offering stunning views, and a spa focused on Alpine wellness, Rosewood Munich is a haven for those seeking an authentic yet modern Munich experience.

Ilma, The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection. Sail Away.

Ilma is a 790-foot superyacht with one of the highest space ratios at sea. It features expansive suites, Michelin-starred dining, bespoke bars, a lavish spa, and a well-stocked wine vault.

Why We’re Excited: Ilma offers a new dimension to yachting with its luxurious amenities, bespoke voyages, and private balconies overlooking the Mediterranean, redefining sea travel.

Ilma, The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection.
Ilma, The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection.

2024 heralds a new era in luxury travel, with each of these properties offering an exclusive window into different worlds, from urban sophistication to serene nature retreats. These anticipated openings not only promise luxurious accommodations but also deliver immersive experiences that cater to the sophisticated tastes of the discerning traveler.

As these stunning properties prepare to welcome guests, Pursuitist continues to be your trusted guide to luxury travel. Stay tuned for more updates and in-depth features on these extraordinary destinations and resorts from around the world.