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TAP, The Wearable Keyboard

TAP, The Wearable Keyboard

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User interfaces for technology continue to develop in new and exciting ways; some are more useful than others, but in general they are all interesting experiments. One such recent development is TAP, a flexible strap that, when worn on the hand, allows the user to ‘type’ on any surface, translating the taps into key strokes.

TAP is designed to work with any device that has a Bluetooth-enabled keyboard. Simply slip your fingers and thumbs through the holes and get typing. The device is designed to be used one-handed (the company recommends using your dominant hand first to get the hang of things), though users can choose to wear a TAP device on both hands. TAP can be used for 4 hours without charging, or remain on standby for 72 hours.

It’s marketed as a more comfortable alternative to texting using your phone’s keyboard, but as with any new type of user interface, it will need to be fairly intuitive in order to be truly useful. According to the TAP website, users should be able to accustom themselves to the device within the space of an hour by playing the TapGenius Game available through the Apple Store.

TAP is currently still in the production phase, but interested parties can join the company’s waiting list. When TAP is available on the market, it is expected to cost around $120 for each strap.